March 6, 2017

Cleaner Go

Large code bases can become increasingly complex to manage as you add more code while also refactoring what is there already. Even with diligent code reviews, it is easy to gloss over common programming mistakes. Sometimes code can be written in a simpler way. Or perhaps a recent refactor left a few functions in that are no longer used. Luckily the go tool includes a sub-command that will examine Go source and report suspicious lines based on heuristics that the compiler will not catch. ... Read more

June 14, 2016

REST in Rust

Writing a simple REST app in Rust If you have ever worked with HTTP in Rust, you have probably referred to the hyper crate. Hyper provides a safe abstraction over HTTP and offers both a client and server type. It is also the foundation for frameworks such as Iron and Nickel. One of the coolest things about hyper is that its server can be started with anything that implements the Handler trait. ... Read more